Alvaro (alvaroph) wrote in heartfulloflove,

From the button of my heart to the love of my life.

You are always in my mind; I think about you my love every instant, every moment. How do you want me to forget you, if you are in my dreams, if you live in my heart? You, you are always in my mind. What am I going to do? I don’t know. How to find the solution, how can I forget you. No woman can kiss like you. It was easy to say good bye for you when you had already a new love, but all I had was you. How can I forget you? My life is still full of you. Every moment, every instant, in my mind are you. Sometimes I envy you for having a new love. You talked me that I would be fine, but sometimes I want to dream about you and don’t awake again. Only in my dreams I can have you, only in my dreams I am happy. I wonder if you continue looking at the moon. I do, and I pray for you my love.
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